Our clothing is made from the purest, softest organic cotton which is all GOTS certified. Our factory works exclusively with organic cotton. The whole production chain complies with Fundamental Rights.

GOTS certifies cottons are essential for infants skin as their skin is 5 times thinner, more sensitive and more absorbent than that of an adults. This means when you put conventional cotton on your baby, they are much more likely to absorb any toxic materials and more likely to have skin reaction and sensitivities to the harmful toxic chemicals used.

Organic cotton is naturally much softer due to the absence of toxic herbicides and pesticides and it can retain its natural state, making it antimicrobial, mould resistant and smooth. Natural cotton breathes well ensuring when swaddled or dress your baby they won’t sweat and they will feel more comfortable throughout the day or whilst sleeping, ensuring baby is more settled and happier.

You can be confident your baby will be comfy and less irritable in our lovingly produced garments.